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Garden Labyrinth

On one of the layers of The Pit, there is an enormous, multilevel building made out of catwalks with walls made out of grate covered in various plants. There are stairs leading to other levels, benches for those, who are tired, ponds full of fish, flowerbeds, and flower pots. This place is so big, there have been expeditions sent there just to make maps of it.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the flora here is harmless to other living beings, but there are some giant carnivorous plants.
Various animals found homes in here, such as fish, rabbits, deer, and many types of birds, insects, and lizards.   There are creatures that are called Gardeners here. They are peaceful as long as no one destroys anything in the Labyrinth. They care for both the fauna and flora by feeding, healing and getting rid of any dangers. They look like balls of leaves and moss with very long limbs resembling dark branches. They have golden eyes that reflect the light. Their hands and feet are equipped with very sharp claws that look like blades of scissors.

Natural Resources

Many rare herbs grow only here, however they are guarded heavily by Gardeners and other creatures hiding here.
Alternative Name(s)
Labyrinth of Thousand Flowers

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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