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Flowerbed Grave

Only a few layers above The Depths, there is a dormant volcano.
Because of its height and position, it was impossible to get to the inside of its crater as its upper part was connected to the bottom of another layer and the walls were too hard to dig through.
However, some explorers discovered there was an old tunnel in one of the walls that have been sealed of (possibly by an earthquake).
A few weeks ago it has been unsealed and now there is a request on the ReQuest Board asking the adventurers to check the inside of the volcano and assess the danger there.  

The tunnel

The unsealed tunnel is now reinforced with the supporting beams and illuminated by the lights the miners left there. It is pretty long and winded. The further anyone goes, the warmer it gets.  

The crater

After some time traversing the tunnel, it finally opens up to an enormous area that is the crater of the volcano. It's 4 km wide and its walls are too steep to climb. There is almost no light here or there wouldn't be if not for the presence of the thousands of shining flowers that grow here. Once in a while, clouds condense here and the warm rain begins to fall.  

The grave

Right in the middle of the crater, there is a large skeleton, that looks like the one belonging to the dragon. It is standing on its hind legs, with its wings wide open. It's at least 7 meters high, and the width of its wings measures twice as much.
Underneath it, there is a small gravestone with an inscription carved into it. It has almost faded and it is written in some ancient language.

Fauna & Flora

Very often, The Tree Spirits will show up here and play like children in the field of flowers.
Sometimes, they will sit around the grave and sing a song. It seems like they liked the person who has been buried here.   Thanks to their presence no beasts show up here ever.
An encounter with the Bard

Meeting The Bard

When the characters visit this place for the first time and find the grave, the Bard will be there already.
He will sing a song in an unknown language that sounds like the song the Tree Spirits sing.
After ending the song, he will stand up, turn towards the characters and leaves. While passing them he says:
"Some myths say she was a very important and kind person."
Then he disappears.
Alternative Name(s)
The dragon grave
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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