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Cursed by the wind

Out of all of the Elements, the Wind seems to be one of the most mischievous and unpredictable. Similarly, the creatures born or affected by the Wind also become like that. And sometimes, when someone angers, annoys them or they just feel bored, some of them can place a Wind curse on them.


The curse can be spread both by the creatures of Wind, either through their bite, saliva, or conscious use of some of their abilities, depending on their species, and when staying for too long in places where the concentration of Wind Element is higher than normal.


The first symptoms tend to be very mild unless a very strong curse was placed on the victim.
Usually, it starts with sudden gusts of wind that snatch light stuff from one's hand, constantly destroy their hairstyle, blow stuff into their eyes, or lead to embarrassing moments.   As the curse progresses, the wind becomes stronger and more malicious. Wind could start blowing stuff under one's feet to trip, push them whenever they lose balance or enter any room they enter, making a mess.   In the worst cases, which happen when the thing that cursed the victim wanted them hurt or dead, the wind also becomes dangerous. This time, it'll be strong enough to throw things at the cursed person, destroy the windows they are close to and try to push them off ledges.


What helps in most cases is lowering the levels of the Wind Element inside and around the one affected. The easiest way to do that is by "sucking" it out with empty Elemental Crystals.   If the curse is strong enough, the being that placed it on someone must first be killed, or if somehow convinced, it has to weaken the curse itself.


In the case of weaker curses, the symptoms disappear between a few days and a few months. On the other hand, some of the strong curses can last as long as their victim still lives.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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