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The Ashstorm

The Ashstorm was a severe volcanic eruption that took place in 212 TE on the island of Tethos, off the northern coast of Calina.   Tethos itself was a small barely-inhabited outpost of the Avadian Sovereignty in the middle of the Calinan Sea, and little mind was paid to the slumbering volcano. Without much in the way of warning the volcano exploded catastrophically in 212, the impact tearing Tethos in half. Vast amounts of ash launched into the atmosphere, earning the catastrophe the name of 'Ashstorm'. The cataclysm kicked off tsunamis in the Calinan Sea, devastating Maganti, Solathi and the eastern Beyan Archipelago. Thousands of lives were believed to be lost in the aftermath, along with severe damage to coastal city-states. The Avadian Sovereignty incurred a massive economic crisis as a result of the eruption, and while it stabilised eventually, it caused serious impact all around southern Arikanda and northern Northern Calina.   There were believed to be many reasons for the storm; while the secular Avadians mostly put it down to bad luck, many Tanorite city-states believed this could have been the wrath of Balaros himself, and the Balaran Templar spent the next several years trying to understand the reasoning behind the event and pacify the fire-god.   In Solathi, the situation was dire as crops were devastated by the damage caused and the few supply ships Helik provided were stopped, causing the public to revolt and the governor to announce secession from Helik itself.

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