The Avadian penteconter is a sailing ship designed as an all-purpose vessel to transport cargo and passengers throughout the Calinan Sea safely and effectively. It is a vessel considered ubiquitous with Avadian traders and sailors, and due to the Avadian mastery of the seas they are commonly contracted by merchants throughout Arikanda and can be seen in every seaport.   Penteconters are long, narrow vessels with a single deck. They are build of woods such as fir and pine in their interiors, with oak used to build their outer hills. They are propelled by a starboard row and a port row of oarsmen, supplemented by a square-rigged sail. The oarsmen are below deck, along with any cargo that may be transported, while officers stay above deck. The captain usually operates from a command rail, a wooden railing set up at the back of the ship.   Penteconters operate either under the employ of the Avadian Admiralty as naval vessels, or may operate independently. Most penteconters operating independently of the Avadian Admiralty are run by Companies, an association consisting of the captain of the vessel, the crew, and any stakeholders in the vessel. When a person contracts a penteconter's crew to sail for them, they become stakeholders in the vessel, and are allowed a vote in any essential decisions about the operation of the vessel. In the event they will be passengers on the vessel, they are given the option of either joining in the operation of the ship (usually as oarsmen), or alternatively they may simply pay a higher fee to attend the command rail with no labour required. As part of the agreements negotiated by the crew, it is common for it to be mandatory for all crew members to learn to swim. For the uninitiated, they are simply tied to the ship, thrown over and 'figure it out' in an initiation ritual.


Penteconters are primarily propelled by banks of oarsmen on the port and starboard of the vessel. Propulsion can also be provided by a single square-rigged sail. With both in operation, the penteconter can exceed 20 kilometres an hour, and are extremely mobile, able to turn very quickly.

Weapons & Armament

Penteconters are usually equipped with bronze rams should the situation require it. Most sailors aboard are also trained in hand to hand combat to repel boarders, and penteconters usually carry trained archers for ranged combat.
4 - 6 metres
28 - 42 metres
Up to 22 km/h
Complement / Crew
40 - 80 sailors

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