First Dawn

The First Dawn is a birth tradition among the Kalriv people and their holdings. It is invoked on the first dawn after a birth, and is an invocation of the blessings of the sun god Venderus upon the newborn, along with an affirmation of the newborn as a Kalriv and of their path in life.


The First Dawn is an ancient tradition, dating back thousands of years to the founding of Var Kalriv by the legendary Kalros. It is said that the prophet Mirkos officiated the very first First Dawn for Kalros' son, and the tradition only strengthened as the Kalriv spread their influence across the central Sapphire Coast. As the Kalriv Empire formed, the practice was exported to the Kalriv holdings, and now it is ubiquitous throughout the Empire and is one of the few rituals that even slaves are entitled to.


Shortly before dawn, the newborn, their family, and a Solar priest gather at the local temple of Venderus or, if one is not easily within reach, the highest point of the settlement they live at. As the sun rises, the Solar takes the newborn and holds them so they can see the rising sun and the first rays of the sun shine upon them.   While this happens, the Solar invokes the blessing of Venderus, asking the sun god to protect the newborn and guide them through their path in life; for example Venderus may be asked to give a Guardian newborn the strength and bravery to defend, or to give a Craftsman newborn an eye for beauty and skill, or a slave newborn strength and endurance to serve the society. Once the invocation is complete, the parents thank Venderus for the birth of the newborn, and the ritual is considered complete.

Components and tools

There are no particular tools required for the ritual. All that is needed is the sun. Some Solars choose to bring a clay tablet with invocations they have pre-composed but this is optional.


The participants of the ceremony are newborn, their parents, and a Solar priest. The Solar priest serves as an intermediary between the family and Venderus, and invokes the blessing of the sun god. In the event of a Solar newborn being born, one of the parents will officiate the ceremony themselves.


The rite always takes place on the first sunrise after the newborn's birth. If the newborn is born during or shortly before the dawn and a Solar cannot be found before the sun has risen, the ritual can be moved to the next day, but it is considered essential to have the blessing invoked as soon as possible.
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