Avadian hex

The Avadian hex is a form of currency issued in the Avadian Sovereignty. They were rolled out in the second century TE to replace cowrie shells, which had been the previous form of currency in the Sovereignty. As most other nations and city-states in Arikanda do not have their own currencies and often rely on palace or barter economies, the hex has become the de facto form of currency throughout most of Arikanda and Northern Calina, and it is an essential item for traders of all stripes.   As the name suggests, the hex is a hexagon-shaped token, etched with the seal of the Avadian Admiralty. There are two forms; the copper hex, which is used for lower value denominations, and the silver hex, which is used for higher value denominations.

Manufacturing process

Hex are minted at the treasury in Port Avadia on the authority of the Admiralty. Molten copper and silver are cast into special molds that both gives the hex its shape and stamps the seal of the Admiralty on it.


In the Avadian Sovereignty, hex is the primarily accepted measure of currency and item used for trade. Every item one can buy and any service one can request has a hex value. This carries over to both the current Avadian colonies and former colonies such as Maganti. Due to the prevalence of Avadian trade networks throughout Arikanda, most southern Arikandan city-states and the Three Empires will accept hex, even if it is not their primary method of currency or trade. The Kalriv Empire have tried to discourage reliance on foreign trade in recent years, however even in their cities, the hex is accepted and more often than not used.
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