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Xolena, Goddess of Power


“Power can come in many forms. It can be the power a dragon possesses to destroy a village, the power a leader possesses over their subjects or the power that nagging has over a husband. No matter what it is, Xolena has mastered it. She is queen over all and all but the gods obey her commands. Fortunately, her power is not unrivaled. Dariug’s chaos ignores her whim. Krisiah’s ability to keep her people’s faith is unwavered by her influence. Power is an addictive drug that Xolena knows all too well, so she is careful with her abilities.” - The Divine Pedigree   Xolena is the goddess of all representations and exertion of power that don’t exceed her father’s own limits. Thus, she is respected by all manner of creatures.

Divine Domains

Power, Responsibility

Holy Books & Codes

The Dynastic Tome

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A crown, a dragon


The Coronation

Physical Description

Special abilities

Ability to grant divine arts.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Xolena added her contribution to earth by making the most fearsome and powerful creatures she could think of. While Yahweh was enthused by this, her other siblings didn’t take too kindly to it. So, she was roped into Ineas’s grand plan of creating society. Xolena gave her abilities to creating power structures and creating leaders. Meanwhile, her other creations were quarantined in the Cage. During the first Divine War, she hadn’t realized that Yahweh had spent all that time with her developing counter measures to her abilities. And during the Second Divine War, she helped Krisiah corrupt her siblings’ divinity. Since then, she has only ever done her job to keep people in power or usurp them when she felt they had crossed a line.

Divine Classification
The Outside
The Pantheon
Year of Birth
4112 C.A. 16429 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of Avoros and Avira
Biological Sex
Pansexual. Gods don’t care.
Gender Identity
Known Languages
All of them.

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