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Ugahl, God of Wisdom

The Striking Palm of Peace


“Wisdom is power in the eyes of Ugahl. To know the rules of nature and how to play the game of this world is the most valuable secret to possess. Thus, the Ugahlian Way was born. Meditation, contemplation and precision are all ways for mortals to follow in Ugahl’s teachings. The Monks of Ugai have a fierce devotion to his path and seek happiness with him. Ugahl never fought during the wars of his siblings and resolved only to find peace.” - the Divine Pedigree   Ugahl is the God of Wisdom and therefore never intervenes in mortal or divine affairs. He seeks to find what’s beyond his own existence, refusing to believe that his father is the height of existence in all of anything that ever was.

Divine Domains

Wisdom, Contemplation, Thought

Holy Books & Codes

The Ugahlian Way

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An Open palm with an eye in the center

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To find enlightenment

Physical Description

Special abilities

Ability to grant Divine Arts.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ugahl grew up discovering tiny little truths about the universe and the way of existence. He has always been content yet insatiable. Neither his mother nor his father knew what to do with him, so they left him to his own devices. Yahweh found his brother’s tendencies and proverbs abhorrently upstanding and overly profound, so he ignored Ugahl. Ugahl never fought in either Divine War and chose to instead pursue the meaning of happiness. He imparts trinkets of knowledge and wisdom that he discovered to his followers in small revelations.

Divine Classification
The Outside
The Pantheon
Year of Birth
3188 C.A. 15505 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of Avoros and Avira
Biological Sex
Asexual. Ugahl can’t be bothered.
Gender Identity
Known Languages
All of them.

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