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The Kumigan People’s Protectorate Militia

“Kumiga is perhaps one of the oldest civilizations to ever exist. Since the days of 8,000 C.A., the people of this land have lived in the Kumiga valley. After the collapse of their great empire in 10, 000 C.A., they’ve been under the rule of a multitude of other empires, kingdoms and rulers. The most recent to gain control of their lands was the ever popular trading empire of Xuyang. But with the help of a nationalist movement surging in popularity in the Valley, the Kumigans have petitioned to Xuyang to buy back their land.” - Ancient History of Auclor, Volume I   Kumiga as a government is launching it’s own rebellion against the Empire of Xuyang, thanks to inspiration from the Godslayers. Determined to claim the lands they were given by divine right, they fight against the odds of an overwhelming army.


Led by a council of representatives from ancient noble families who support the cause.

Public Agenda

To free themselves from foreign rule and become an independent nation once again.


Fortresses and weapons


The Militia formed after Xuyang began heavily enforcing a military presence there in response to a Kumiga nationalist movement swept the valley. Afraid to lose the natural resources provided by Kumiga, Xuyang tightened its grip.
Founding Date
Illicit, Rebel

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