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Puia, Goddess of Volcanos


"Destruction is all that's wrought in the wake of the goddess Puia. Many have known her to make a homestead among the Isles of Sangrea, where she wreaks havoc on the islands, attempting to build them up. Whether or not she holds a grudge against mortals from long ago is unknown and debated over, but most see her as how a human looks at ants. Apathetic and willingly ignorant of their existence when they get in his path. But one thing is doubtless. She has inherited the chaotic whims of her Grandfather, Ealdir." - The Divine Pedigree   Puia is the daughter of Igniiat, God of Fire and son of Ealdir. After a fling with Mahtnea, Goddess of Childbirth, it's said Puia ripped out of her mother's womb with the force of an eruption. Mahtnea healed, but this event foreshadowed her future as the Goddess of Lava and Volcanos

Divine Domains

Lava and Eruptions

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A barren island, an erupting volcano



Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Takes the form of a humanoid made up of molten lava and rock.

Body Features

Has skin of ash, lava and stone.

Facial Features

Has sharp features and a straight demeanor

Special abilities

Ability to grant Divine Arts

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After Puia tore her way out of Mahtnea's womb, her presence began melting everything she touched. So, she was cast to Mt. Hatgami, where she wouldn't melt anything. There, she slept without any purpose or calling until an ancient civilization called the Earth shapers found her. They introduced her to their father, Honua, one of the twins of Earth and her uncle. On Sangrea, she learned from him to shape islands and create land with her volcanic power. She took up Honua's calling and began shaping the Isles of Sangrea in his stead. This was a peaceful time in life for her until she encountered Garun, God of Rains. Since he constantly cooled her lava before it had time to reach her desired location and since she wouldn't let hum pass, they fought with each other for decades until they realized that their combination of elements created fertile land that people could live off of. After agreeing to stop fighting, Puia was impregnated with a son, who grew up to become Onepa, God of Soil and Fertility. She later gave birth to the Fire Genasi during a visit to Ugai and she fell in love with a mortal philosopher who had founded the Flame School of the Ugai Warrior Monks. Earthlings have identified her as Pele in ancient times, but breaks in the Cage's binding have since been fixed by Yahweh.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Created the Isles of Sangrea.

Personality Characteristics


Is a force of nature and therefore has no other purpose than to continue building the Isles and creating other eruptions as need be.


Family Ties

Granddaughter of Ealdir, Daughter of Igniiat and Mahtnea

Divine Classification
Current Location
Isles of Sangrea
The Outside
The Pantheon
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Goddess of Lava, Igniiat's Wrath
Year of Birth
5239 (7078 years old)
The Outside
Current Residence
Within Volcano craters of Sangrea
Biological Sex
Pansexual. Gods don't care.
Gender Identity
Fiery orange
5' 9"
121 lbs
Aligned Organization
The Pantheon
Known Languages
All of them.

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