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Karandi, Goddess of Ambition

At any cost


“Want. Not to be confused with desire, want is a more powerful force. An unstoppable will is what it takes to please Karandi. Chaotic, base desires are for those who do not know what it is they want. Those who do have the focus and persistence to claim what they have worked for. Ambition means any cost and Karandi will always test her followers to see just how high she can drive that price. But she always ensures those who are truly ambitious are under her divine protection.” - the Divine Pedigree   Karandi is the goddess of ambition. She expects relentlessness and an undying want for something from those who send their prayers. Prayer isn’t enough for her. Those who beseech her need to earn their gifts.

Divine Domains

Ambition, Will and Sacrifice

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A bloody scepter

Physical Description

Special abilities

Ability to grant Divine Arts.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Karandi was born rather late in the game. She looked around and despised all the gods just giving away their power. So, she resolved to make people earn her power. And she would give them exactly what they wanted. As long as they wanted it enough. And had the force of will to accomplish the tasks she gave them. She fought minimally during both Divine Wars, mostly resorting to crowd control and supplying undead soldiers.

Morality & Philosophy

Power must be earned


Unearned power

Divine Classification
The Outside
The Pantheon
Year of Birth
2761 C.A. 15078 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of Avoros and Avira
Biological Sex
Pansexual. Gods don’t care.
Gender Identity
Known Languages
All of them.

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