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Avoros, God of Gods

King of the Gods Avoros

Avoros is the great progenitor. He is the ancestor of every other god except his wife, Avira.

Divine Domains

Divinity, Creation

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the days of nothing, there lived nothing but a crimson sea of chaos that spread across infinity. Within the ocean of entropy was a single isle. On this isle, lived two beings. Avoros, king of his tiny land and his queen, Avira. Together, they lived for no time and for trillions of years. One day, bored, Avoros decided to create something to accompany the couple. He made the creature radiant, joyful and curious. But his first creation ran from him. He never got a glimpse of its true form, as it was the first light in the universe. Avoros dubbed the beast the God of Light. It soon gave birth to many children, lighting the dark sky with many stars. He was proud of his creation, but sad he could not get it to come back to him. So, still desiring freedom for his creations, Avoros created a second being that could be everywhere at once. This command created the God of Time, which was both everywhere and nowhere. It existed beyond the three dimensions, but he could tell it was alive. After his second attempt, Avoros decided to stop creating creatures. Avira suggested Avoros try to find other creatures. After all, they couldn’t be the only things to exist. Avoros created an envoy. But when it formed, he was terrified. He called it Death, as it reflected its creator without life. It set out on its mission to search for other souls. Avoros looked upon the sea of chaos one day and desired it to calm. So, he created another creature that would keep Time company. He called it order, but he had fallen out of practice making creatures and thus, it became probability. Sometimes, it would keep the seas calm and other times, it would make them rage all the more. Many centuries later, Avira asked her husband for a meal. Seeing as how there was naught but rock on the island, Avoros formed a spirit that would create things to eat for him. He dubbed it life. Life sprouted plants and small animals all about Avoros’s small domain. Soon, Avira became pregnant with their first child. It was born an immortal like its parents. And Avoros named the child Yahweh. He showed a capacity for creating like his father and Avoros gave the child the power to siphon strength so that he could create things just as grand as his father. Yahweh, Avira and Avoros decided to better their world and make one where they could live as a family. So Avoros pushed back the seas of chaos as Yahweh cut the island, splitting the heavens from the earth. Avoros’s renewed passion caused him to create a dimension outside of theirs where he cast the creations he no longer desired. The first five gods he created were cast into that Cage. Eventually, Avoros and Avira gained more and more children until Yahweh had twenty seven more siblings. Yahweh invited his siblings to join him in creating the earth. Ealdir, second son of Avoros and God of Elements helped Yahweh create mountains, oceans, lightning, fire and wind, making the landscape diverse and exciting. Then came Shula, the first daughter and goddess of nature. She had a unique bond with the now consigned god of life. She drew from that bond and created life on earth. It flourished and spread across the land. In what was a few days for the gods, was a few epochs on earth. Life developed into many sentient creatures. But because one species many have gotten out of control or evolved in a way that put the project at risk, many species were thrown into Avoros’s cage. But as life flourish, death had been cast away. THere came too many animals. None could die, but all could suffer. Zira, Second daughter and Goddess of plagues came to the rescue, unleashing death unknown upon the population. Disease, famine, poisons and all sorts of afflictions consumed nearly all the life on earth. The third daughter, Niika asserted herself as the Goddess of Law and Balance. With her power, the other two daughters’ creations were quelled so one did not overtake the other. One by one, each child of Avoros left their mark on the earth’s creation until it was a fully formed planet. Avoros smiled at his children’s creation. But Yahweh was angry with his Father’s assertion. He claimed that he was the one who created this world. The other gods were only allowed to help with Earth because he said so. Avoros demanded he stop, but Yahweh defied his father. And so the First Divine War began.

Divine Classification
Primal God

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