Geometrical Anomaly

The accurate tuning and operation of a Flicker Drive, depends on a precise understanding of the local gravitational curvature of spacetime and the application of higher order graph theory to the co-ordinate system permitting intermesh phasing for each flicker drive micro jump. There is normally a well defined relationship between these two systems, but in some places, the expected graph theoretical mapping breaks down. These sometimes manifest as seams in the fabric of reality, or as spacial singularities (not to be confused with the unrelated gravitational singularities found in black holes). Locations like this are known as Geometrical Anomolies and represent a hazard to starships.


It is widely believed that all the Geometrical Anomolies within the Bubble have been charted, but unrecorded examples amost certainly exist in the wider galaxy.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW with Vue


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