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Vermilion Bloom

The namesake of the Vermillion Expanse, the Vermillion Bloom is a striking sight against the rolling hills and grassland that divides the Kingdom of Caloth from the southern reaches of Ken' Mora. It is a flower renowned for its beauty and fragrance and is a symbol of pride for the many knights who defend the kingdom's southern border from barbarian raids and highly sought after for the gardens of nobility.   It is the joy of the southern city of Kynewal, where it can be found growing in abundance.

Basic Information


The Vermillion Bloom, as its name suggests, has bright red petals with oval shaped edges, which contain seeds. The pistil and stamen are a gold-yellow color that blends into the red of the petals at the base.

Genetics and Reproduction

Insects carry pollen from Blooms to assist in reproduction. During its 7-year life span, the Bloom is shredding its petals in the Spring, which carry its seeds. These seeds are then carried on the wind to a new location, where the petals quickly decompose and provide the iniital nutrients for growth.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Vermillion Bloom take 3 to 5 months to come to full bloom. It will then spend the next 7 years in full bloom, no matter the season, until its death.

Ecology and Habitats

The Vermillion Bloom only grows naturally in the Vermillion Expanse, though is capable of thriving outside this area. The optimal habitat for the flower is in flat, open stretches of land, typically with a source of water nearby such as a pond or stream. They are sometimes found ground around graves within the Expanse, though the reason for that is unknown.

Biological Cycle

Once it has reached maturity, it will remain in full bloom throughout the rest of its life, provided it has enough nutrients. The average life span of the flower is 7 years. Nearing the end of its life, the Bloom will shed its petals into the wind, carrying its final seeds with them, then die as a naked bud and stem.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Bloom is often used as a garnish for meals, additions to gardens for nobility, a special clothing dye, and for perfumes and sweet smelling balms.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

This Vermillion Bloom is found throughout the Vermillion Expanse.
7 years

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