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Standard Home in Caloth

The homes of the common people of Caloth are simple and robust. Though there are some differences in cultures, from the high spires of Genehiem to the seas side Valston to the rugged Kynewal, the average homestead for a citizen is similar throughout the kingdom.   In Caloth, homes are held in high regard. They are the sanctuaries for the people, a shield against the outside world and are meant to be safe from the horrors beyond their doors. During the reign of the Drakenvos Dominion, the value of the home was strengthened, as they were usually the only thing that kept loved ones from being taken off the streets to slavery in the mines or the military.   When visiting a person's home, it is best to treat them as the ruler of this space. A person's home is their kingdom, their castle. To draw the ire of the homeowner has seen many a traveler, wealthy merchant, and even noble thrown from the home and into the cold night.

Purpose / Function

For the majority of the lowborn population to live in. This includes farmers, fisherman, shopkeepers, blacksmiths, and so on.


Though the majority of homes are architecturally the same, a stranger visiting homes across the country will find several variations.   For example, a house within the city of Kynewal will be built out of stone or brick, while a house in Valston will typically be made entirely of wood. Homes in Genehiem, on the other hand, are primarily brick and wood, with several large living complexes that are capable of housing hundreds or thousands of people at once.   Houses outside major cities, however, are almost universally built out of wood, with thatch or wooden roofs.


The standard home in Caloth is built from oak or spruce wood. Built as a 20 x 20 structure, each home typically has two rooms: the main room and the bedroom, though some slightly larger homes will have a third room used for storage or a spare bedroom. The main room will contain a stove and a small dining area. The bedroom will have a bed and a storage area like a chest or cabinet. It is common for larger families to create pallets of furs and blankets or hang hammocks between support beams for extra bedding. Slightly larger homes, around 20 x 30, will have a third room as a storage space or a second small bedroom.

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