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The Docks

Situated just off Chisel Lane in the Stonemason neighborhood of the city of Dualgate, what was once a foreman's house for the quarry has fallen into disrepair and is not much of a sight from the street. That which can be easily maintianed has been attempted, but little else. A new, if inexpertly painted sign hangs above the door proclaiming this establishment to be The Docks.   With the empire in turmoil and the Knights less than happy about either Tisto Tennagrew or Rose, the Crew has set up shop in the independent City of Dualgate. With easy access to the Andolas Valley or the Sun Sea, and a city council (see the Dualgate City Council) that asks few questions after taxes are paid, it was a good location to call home. The sign, while confusing to some visitors is clear enough to those who have met Rose or have come looking for them.   The current Crew of the Green Rose consists of: Tisto Tennagrew Rose Zenvog Clairista Chicolo Cinder Tollweather Viggs

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