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The Battered Ram

As the first commercial building in Dualgate before there was even a town to naviate to, it started out small quickly thrown together against the side of one of the more vertical edges to the pass (money and time saved right there with a natural wall). As the town began to grow up around it, more space was quickly needed and the original owner sought new land within the pass.   Unfortunately for Sigur Rambular (and his sons by this point), due to the increase in traders and merchants wanting to set up permanent premises on the land between the two gates, The Garrison Commander had reasserted dominion over all the land between the two fortified gates. Ownership of older structures were grandfathered the rights to the land, but any new, permanent buildings required both approval and hefty sum to ‘lease’ the land from the garrison. Forced with the choice of essentially starting new business on land they did not own, the three brothers chose the only direction still available to them; up.   Each successive generation has built uppon the previous generations works and now the tavern stands an impressive five stories high; a complete frankenstine of a building assembled predominantly of timber in a wide variety of styles and built for the needs of the day, rather than an eye for the future.   It was spared in the Great Fire and ther is an entire level that sports a good deal of charred timber that was slavaged from the aftermath. Now just referred to as Rams, it sported food, a wide variety of alcohol from far off placed brought in by the caravans on their way through. A deep cave had been hewn out from the back wall for additional storage, and allowing for the creation of a cistern system from mountain runoff that meant Rams could offer hot baths to weary travelers.   When the town declared independance from the Garrison not a decade after the Great Fire, the remaining land was ceeded to the town itself, and townfolk were allowed to purchase thier leases from the garrison for a reasonable sum, or continue leasing the property. The Ram tried to expand horizontally again, but by this time space had become a premium and the change of the laws did not provide much relief. In the end they were able to purchase the plot on their left to build bigger kitchens, and the warehouse across the street which was converted into a livery stable and the dry goods moved to storeage on the second floor.   One of the great-grandsons of Sigur Rambular returned from his wanderings along the trade routes one summer with a rare find; a broken battering ram, complete with a carved rams head on the front, it’s curly horns lowerd in a charge. It was immediately hung from the celing in the main hall and the tavern was renamed The Battered Ram which has endured to the present day.   The Battered Ram offers, food, a wide variety of alcohol, lodging, livery serice, entertainment, and a rare treat; hot baths. Watch your head in the great room as the busted battering ram is hung dangerously low.   Current Proprietor: Faldor Rambular; great, great-grandson to Sigur Rambular the founder. He is married with 2 young children.   External Relationships: He has a convivial relationship with the Madam of Bed Fellows (but is not a client on pains of castration from his wife). He is friends with Izel of Izel's Market and has begun using the Market for more and more of his common goods which Izel was already importing for the town and now allows him to import in larger quantities for even greater discounts. He holds no ill will towards the current priest of The Chapel but is not a religious man himself, thier relationship is cold and aloof. Not a great reader, Faldor visited The Library once as a lad and has never returned. He knows the name of the current librarian but nothing about him. Faldor’s relationship with the Dualgate City Council is marriage of love and hate. Valued for the services he provides and the history The Battered Ram has with the town, Faldor is an outspoken proponent against government interfeerance in regulation and trade. Right until it’s time to call the city watch to handle a problem; then he’s clear that his taxes have to be paying for something.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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