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Rothnar Ocean

Elendar's Eastern Ocean. It is joined to the Melora_Ocean via the narrow Southern_Sea. Known for the violent storms that frequent this region, there is only a brief window in the spring when traders ply these waters. The rest of the year, it is populated by only the most masterful of captains, or pirates with nothing left to loose save their lives. Each attempting to earn a living off the coastal towns that season the coastal lands.     While the oceans southern coasts that border the Jungles of Meola are prosperous in settlements (most notable being the city's of Hibo, Nardoon, and Umful ) the more northern cities are much more fortified and accustomed to living in a place that exists between the anvil of the land and the hammer of the sea. The fortified city of Sea Hammer¬†illustrates how literally the people of the eastern coast see their relationship with the ocean there.   From Mid-year to the autumnal solstice traders ply the capricious waters as far north as Scranthul bringing fish and other surprises relinquished by the cold waters, south and providing a consistent source of textiles and dry goods. After the solstice, the trade ships stick close to the southern shores and away from the hammering waters, howling winds and desolate rocky shores. The only traders who will travel north between the two solstice are those of The Water King and his fleet of Sea Turtle Galleons. Respected and known from Scranthul to the Jungles of Meola they are a lifeline for the coastal settlements, albeit one that comes at a steep cost.   Rich in fish and various kinds of crustaceans that prefer the colder waters, the sea holds great bounty for those willing to brave it for the harvest. Occasionally it washes up something from the deep, dashing it on the rocky shore and giving the locals a reason to talk, and more likely drink.

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