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Knights of Saladron

The Knights are a unique blend of monastic order and military unit. Children selected to receive training are sent to train in the capitol city of Dal Mondel. There they are schooled in theology as well as combat from a very early age as well as the skills they will need to identify the use of magic and various ways of combatting it. While not exclusive to boys and men, the ratio of woman entering the knighthood is low, but if they are able to prove themselves, the are granted knighthood alongside any other initiate.   When an initiate reaches the age of 13, they are tested and, if found worthy through the demonstration of their skills at combat and theology, they are approved for the rite of passage into the ranks if the Knights. This is done with a brand mark placed on the initiates right shoulder marking them forever as a tool of Saldron and a Knight.   Young knights are usually assigned the less desired roles. Patrols and forays into the far edges of the empire. This will place them in conflict with the local inhabitants as often as it acomplishes their stated goal of rooting out unlawful magic, as worship of Sladron is less a formal activity in the outlying regions and Saldron will often share alter space with other more local gods.   Here, the second role of the Knights comes to light as they double as missionaries for the church of Saldron and take active steps to spread the faith, even if that means rooting out ’usurper’ gods who fail to share the order and strutured nature of Saldron. They will also often serve as healers in towns and settlements providing healing and medical treatments to those who share the faith of Saldron as the one true path.

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