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Dome Wood

When the High Sorceress Yarondell confronted Chartooth Blackfire, the last of the terrible Dragon Kings, the battle between the two raged and ranged over a thousand leagues. When The Sorceress finally delivered what would be the fatal blow to the Dragon King's ebony_circlet and the seat of his power, the dragon flew into a consuming rage that intended to take his foe and the surrounding lands with him.   BlackFire spewed forth from his terrible maw blanketing the land in hellish fire that could not be quenched. It consumed everything it touched, sucking the life out of the very ground until nothing remained but the bare earth. Hundreds of leagues were turned into blackened, bitter ash in the course of one night. Everything was scorched from the earth save the one valley where the High Sorceress made her final stand against the foul beast.   Pulling power from the very land itself, she protected the town of Findale under a giant glimmering shield. It was 10 leagues across and the black fire could not penetrate it. Trees where cut in half where the shield could not protect them, and the tops of many branches were scoured by the black fire that raged beyond the edge of the protective magic.   The Last of the Dragon Kings threw himself with all his might against the shield expelling all that remained of his lifeblood as he did. His final assault ended when he exploded, scattering his remains across the now desolate lands to the east of Findale. As if to serve as one final act of retaliation towards those who set themselves against him, while most of the black fire that consumed everything it touched, died with the King, pockets of the hellish flames remained, roving about the landscape, consuming anything living that came into it's path. It does not grow and it does not appear to decrease, but seems driven by additional forces other than just those of nature.   Dome Wood remains as an oasis of green and flourishing life in what was once a growing kingdom. it is marked by the very stark contrast of where the remnants of the shield ended, so does the presence of living things. The edges of the land are marked by low vegetation that refuses to grow above the original arc of the Sorceress' protective barrier. Thus the name Dome Wood originated.   Prior to the Chartooth's Bane , the forests of the land had been rich in vital and life-giving plants, and Dome Wood continues to cultivate and make good use of these resources, converting many into medicines for export and has led to the founding of The Glade, just outside of the city of Findale, a combination school and hospital have been set up to explore and refine the horticultural bounty exists all around them.

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