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Chartooth's Bane

When Chartooth Blackfire, the last of the Dragon Kings fought The Sorceress, so great was his rage at her success in shattering his ebony_circlet, that he left his cursed legacy upon the land; an unholy black fire that consumes all it touches.   In many regards it behaves as normal fire. It can be blown and driven by the wind and will consume whatever it can reach. Oddly it does not consume the barren earth it crawls over nor does it need fuel to sustain itself. This will not stop it from quickly engulfing whatever it comes in contact with. It will not consume metals or minerals, but it will heat them to extreme temperatures. A chest of gold left in it's path would burn so quickly and so hot that it would leave only a chest sized slag of melted gold behind.   All attempts to quench the fire, both magical and mundane, have failed to date. Though those scholars who have made a lifetimes effort of studying the black fire (and survived) note with some optimism that the size of the roving blaze appears to be slowly shrinking. Predictions range from 500 to 1000 years until the fire will simply burn itself out. This does not provide the hope and excitement from the residents of Findale that researchers expect when they inevitably present their findings at The Glade.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

BlackFire burns life.  It may consume the container, but what it is really consuming is whatever life still remains within the material.
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