The Broadcloth

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Welcome. This is a collaborative roleplay game, and a continuing book you can read, and an immersive show. It's not live yet - this is just an introduction to the world. Follow this page and @toksvig on Twitter for launch info.  
  You are on an island. It is part of an archipelago. Though none are huge, this one is the second largest.   It's big enough to accommodate several large farms, and a fair few crofts and smallholdings. There is one main village, with a large gathering hall used for council meetings and social events.   Most of the inhabitants are connected to a handful of extended families who have lived here for generations, but some are first or second generation and there are also newcomers from time to time, looking to start afresh.   Ever since anyone can remember, the main trade on the island has been the manufacture of a woollen fabric known as broadcloth, similar to tweed. It is woven in patterns of colour, like tartan, but these patterns are unique to individuals.  
  The Waulking of Elizabeth Skylark's Broadcloth   You have been invited to a coming-of-age ceremony.   Elizabeth Skylark is the only child of the Chief of the island: Rowan Skylark. Her mother, Holly, died in childbirth long ago.   The coming-of-age ceremony involves the final preparation of a large swathe of broadcloth, from which the recipient is expected to fashion items of clothing or upholstery throughout their life. Though none would admit it outright, everyone is judged by the community on how they cut their cloth.
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