The Broad Cloth tl,dr

"This website is too long, didn't read..."   This is a roleplay game, and a piece of theatre, that currently happens on Discord. It is for players who are 18+ and involves characters who have adult relationships.   The setting is a small island community, in the modern day era with contemporary technology... but many of them embrace the traditional and have more old-fashioned ideas and ways.   You can create any kind of character who would be part of, or visit, a community like that. Their main industry is making tartan fabric called broadcloth, so choices include shepherds, weavers, and there's also a small but thriving fishing industry.   Hop into the #chat-and-questions channel to say hi, and tell us the basics of your character so we can point you in a few useful directions and use our characters to get you going more comfortably.   If you want to weave your character into the history and existing community, we can help with that, but it's also fine to just jump in with a visitor who knows very little.  
It’s not about event - event - event, it’s about character interaction. Roleplaying between people to create relationships, which creates the story.
— player Beatrix Livesey-Stephens
  We don't use a strict rule system or dice. This is freeform roleplay, or improvised writing. We take turns to write dialogue and/or descriptive prose, as if we were writing a novel together, where we only write our own characters.   Watching the channel for a few minutes will give you the idea of it, and you can give it a go without risk of breaking it: we can just draw a line and go back to write it again if we don't like it.   Click here to join our Discord server and we can walk you through the rest. Or you can just hop in and chat to us: no obligation to play.   There's a lot more information on this website, but you can join us and play without reading any of it.