How to join us

CLICK HERE to come along and join in on our Discord server.   These sessions are live text-based sessions on Discord to continue the storytelling in a collective roleplay game. Play your character, or be yourself and chat to our characters and to us, or just lurk and read.   You don't need to book. You can join any session, or more than one.   The Discord sessions are FREE, but if you want to support this work, you can make a PayPal donation here or buy Jenifer a coffee here.   Every Monday evening
6:30pm-7:30pm UK time

Watch pre-planned scenes written live in Google Docs (links provided in Discord), and then...
7:30pm-10:30pm UK time
Facilitated play session on Discord, all welcome to play or just chat. The first and last half hour are preparation and post-play chat.   All other times
The server is open 24/7. We're in some different time zones, so there might be someone around at a time that works for you, or you can use the #when-we-are-playing channel to arrange a time to play.  
  What is Discord?
It's a bit like WhatsApp: a system where you can type to each other individually, and in groups. It's free to use.   Do I need to download any special software for it?
No. You can sign into it using a normal browser. It does have an app that you can download here if you like, but you don't have to use that.   How do I find The Broad Cloth on it?
Click here and accept the invitation that pops up.   What about the Zoom events?
Our live-play Zoom events are over for now, but you can click here to sign up to the e-newsletter to get info about future live events, both digital and in person.   I don't want to join in, just watch. Is that okay?
Sure. Here is a list of useful things to know.  
  Other platforms
Some scenes are played in Google docs, which gives us a different kind of opportunity for collaboration. We might also arrange to play something more slowly using discussion forums on the websites of specific shows.   Sometimes we do bigger events which take place on Zoom and at live performance events, maybe even over a few weeks. We try to provide remote access for those who can't be in the room. In connection with the bigger events, we might send out hard copy newsletters, or give out a phone number to call and chat to a character.   Every event is unique, and information about the different ways to get involved can be found with the event info.