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The War of the Thorns

Basic Timeline The horde raided Morolume, an outlying grain-producing village right on the edge of the forest. As a food supplier, the loss of the village would be felt for quite a while as basics such as bread would become a bit more scare in the local area over the next few years. The Thorns then proceeded to cut trees to replace their weapons.    For the next year or so, the horde would continue to harry the elven kingdom and try to raid both their outlying village and those within the immediate border of the forest.    The Elves chose to strongly retaliate when the horde managed to find and destroy a circle of power within the forest, cutting off its magic so completely that the local druids pronounced the land magic dead for at least the next decade. The Elven king then decided to push the horde back north rather than allowing them to settle down nearby. Not entirely equipped to work outside of their forested homes, the elven forces suffered a huge loss but were able to learn quite a few new techniques about fighting in the open, which they would use later when facing the Blanchian forces.

The Conflict


A volcanic explosion in the heart of Landden caused the goblins hordes to flee to escape the devastation. Three hordes headed South. One of these, the Thorns, followed the coast and soon came across the Holafiel Forest. As they attempted to muscle their way into the forest, hostilities between the two factions were immediate.


The Thorns were pushed back northward and warned not to come within 10 miles of Holafiel.


The Thorns war leaders swore the kingdom of Holafiel as an enemy of the Thorn Horde.   Due to Holafiel having to wage war in the north, they were unable to provide support to the northern Free Cities when the Blanchian forces made their way up along the Serene Sea. The best they could do was open their borders to the refugees.

Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Holafiel was victorious.


The Thorns


5000 foot soldiers, 2500 archers, 500 war mages
1600 goblins 200 bugbears 50 hobgoblins


1500 foot soldiers, 700 archers, 150 war mages


To retain their native lands of Holafiel
Secure a new settlement to pillage from.

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