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Lukas and Lucca

I bring it, and He brings it. We both bust heads and make a living. Its what you need to do. - Lucca Blue
  Cousins or siblings, no one is quite sure, because when you get into conversations that are not demon or relic hunting, they tend to shut you down. Needless to say, to the observer the pair are not romantically involved, but they care deeply for each other. Suffice to say, when asked why they care about each other the canned response is "Its what you do for family. Besides, we make a good team."

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A wealthy family due to his grandfather taking off for the great rift rush. Lukas grew up for want of nothing. He was drawn to tinkering when he learned how big machinery is required to farm from the rift. Unfortunately his Grandfather became ill and went mad from early exposure of the resin. His father and mother also got sick and had to be "resettled" by the government. Lukas knew it was a ploy from rival businesses/ political forces to steal or drain the family fortune. He set off to take revenge - first with acts of sabotage, then upon discovery of EDE relics, he loves to unlock their secrets to use against the sinister forces.  


  After her family fell from viral related disease she survived on the streets for decades. She heard a rumor of Lukas nearby and tracked him down as a matter of finding purpose. Her love of demon hunting and putting down enemies of humanity granted her a significant role in the rebel faction called The Defiant. She is a taskmaster of sorts and trainer of street fighting and archery.


Contacts & Relations

The duo has managed to make a name for themselves as "Dumb Dorks" or "Bonnie and Clyde" in certain circles. They have gained followers in rebel circles and inspired many rebel nests to spring up.  Upon joining the Defiant group, a network funded by Lukas wealth, the rebellion took hold into a full blown movement against those established in power.

Religious Views

Christian - trending to orthodoxy

Wealth & Financial state

Lukas is a millionaire from his family fortune. If it were not for crafty crypto accounts, his fortune would have been lost to political and rival elite factions. Lucca is a highly successful survivalist and knows how to get what she needs from city, town or countryside.
Demon Hunter Diablo 3 by Zeronis
One more word about how horny I look and I will nail you to a tree. - Lucca Blue
Current Status
Exploring for powerful relics
40 & 35 (Lucca)
Christian non denominational
by uploaded by Antonio R
  If you need to track Lukas, just follow the trail of his lost tools. - A family friend

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Cover image: by Diablo Immortal


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