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Communal Living - Inside the Great Settlements of Fransisco County

As the summer sun rises, another beautiful day is ready for the great citizens of Francisco County. When one first traverses the security check points and navigates clearance procedures they are welcomed by a distinct earthy scent not normally experienced in other areas. The encampments are ingeniously diverse in size, shape and makeup. One particular structure reminded me of my days in social adjustment classes, where we constructed paper houses and objects from carbon papers. Such nostalgia!   Enjoy Part One of Two as we take an in depth look at one of the premier communal sites of the country - Francisco County


While most of the indigenous people here have no set population or income data available, the sheer contentment of not having any dedicated responsibility or perils of ownership is distinctly attractive in this culture. The diversity levels are quite impressive here. African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans are overrepresented compared to the country as a whole. Plenty of Caucasians as well. What a sea of colors! No man or woman is too great or small to be a part of the Francisco community.


Being a legal student, I had to learn just how disputes were managed and justice metered out among fellow members. One case involved a disturbing act of theft and trafficking with possible unauthorized sex work involvement. One fellow, identifying as male, calls himself "Papa Bear" was wronged by another gentleman, identifying as an African American male, prefers to be called "Leroy Jenkins III" abducted one of Papa Bears "Ho's" for his own side hustle revenue stream. Papa Bear demanded the return of his worker promptly or else justice will be served. Mr. Leroy claims the worker defected because of the poor benefits and working environment Papa Bear provides. The adjudicating body, or "Peeps" said to return the female and let things go and a monitor cam will be placed to decide if Leroy has a case. Armed with shivs and bulkier secure detail, the larger group loyal to Papa Bear managed to enforce compliance on the upstart, Mr. Jenkins. Both declined for interviews.  


State authorities respect the freedom of this society to enforce its own protection and as a result, no criminal data can be accurately be recorded. Compare that to the criminal rates of Chicago, New Orleans, Houston. That is saying something!


Nothing calls back to our natural roots like a survival of the fittest system in this settlement. Simple and elegant by design. It promotes physical prowess, highly resistant genetic pools, and builds considerable character. Compare to other affluent societies where technology dependence and addiction is at pandemic levels. Social justice at its core, if you cannot make it on your own, consider yourself an "useless eater" and be lucky you have survived this long. In fact, our greatest leaders and dignitaries rely considerably on hardened individuals from places like Francisco Settlements for personal protection or security detail of our prized environmental monuments. All inhabitants are generously provided with food, water and shelter by our magnanimous leadership. Considerable natural resources are diverted from our limited reservations to uphold and maintain the quality of life these people deserve.


Unlike other societies, the state has not provided formal districts, but talking with the people one can learn how subcultures migrated to various areas of the francisco county. The Asian area seems to pride itself on order, hygiene, and trading relationships with the rest of society. The famous hostel Grand Mao Chicken Processing Center touts plenty of suitable space for travelers like myself to kick back, relax and take a load off from a busy day. Those with spare resources like food stamps can barter with some of the ritzy casinos located along the coastal side of the county. The lit up skyline of the Asian Casino district is a sight to behold.  The more east you travel , the scenery takes on an earthy tone. Connecting with the environment, recycled tents, plastic castles, carboard kingdoms are some of the many structures that adorn the region. One craftsman built a fortress of dried manure brick, it has been quite a feat in engineering!   Some rebels cut down the overgrowth to reveal old worn streets of yesteryear, built up barricades and posted signs designating their own sovereign country. "Chaz 4.0", "Big Daddy's Playground", "Allah's Holy grounds" are some of the makeshift principalities in the sea of non conformity. Security of these fetal nation states are problematic, but those who can protect and provide, usually get populated versus overrun.


The State does not neglect her citizenry. In fact, every week restaurants or dining centers collect uneaten or wasted foodstuffs from their kitchens and place them on port devices to feed those unable to make the the trip to the outside world. For a hefty tax relief discount, many districts are privy to plates of Sirloin, fish, chicken bites with dollops of mashed potatoes, semi greens and , or rice. Delish!   Previously owned clothing centers from goodwill keep all citizenry warm during the winter and fashionably sheik during the summer!  
  Waste buildup has been a common compliant for a century, although crafty pickers somehow manage to make lemonade from lemons. "Betsy Ross" Whittaker - has her own line of quilt art and assortment of clothing lines that are getting attention in high society companion pet markets. Wal Mart is considering recruiting the talented seamstress, if they can accurately locate the woman.

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3 Aug, 2022 12:45

Wow. It's always fun to hear about (semi) familiar places from the perspective of an outsider. And I love the contrast of the perky narrator's voice against the obviously bleak living situation. The pictures are also a nice touch.

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Master frankdvm
Frank Ansede
3 Aug, 2022 19:41

Thank you. I say a video by George Carlin and it inspired this one. His bit was, You know what would solve the homelessness problem? Give them a magazine! - A laughed and decided to take it from there.

4 Aug, 2022 11:56

lol I'll have to look for it!

Reading Circle Temple Because magic isn't just fiction