The World of The Bornless

In the universe of The Bornless, the world is full of depth. As the world evolves so will this article.
    The beginning of the story is set in a small town in the state of Maryland, USA. A small run down town of forgotten America in a period similar to the 1950's.
  This particular town is out the way of prying eyes. Hidden from those who want to find it. A cold and desolate place where people used to call home. But those days are gone now, there's not a soul to be seen.
  The town and it's surrounding area is made up of specific landmarks:
The town is a collection of cluttered buildings, seemingly abandoned by all souls that once called it home. Reminiscent of old run down mining-towns this place was forgotten about much like many a place throughout America during this period. In the centre, a great pyre stands reminding any who stumble upon the town of what evil inhabits it now. A tall and terrible cross placed upside down set ablaze in homage to something... unholy.
Up a winding and overgrown path leading from the town, a little old wooden church can be found atop a small hill. This church once upon a time would have housed a faithful and peaceful peoples. Filled with all that was once good with this place, community, friendship and to the people who used to call this place home, prosperity. Now, it stands as a empty husk, void of all the light that once came from its godly hearth. Stories of old tell of a crypt down below the churches foundations, yet no one has dared enter this place since the dark Prince took hold of the area.
Too long has passed now for anyone to remember the name of the family that built this monolith of wealth. Some say the the mansion was built after the quarry first began working and belonged to the old owner. Others tell a different story that it was there long before the quarry, long before the town itself. Instead it was an old plantation house where truly awful and unholy things happened. Now it lies empty, even its lavish furniture and silverware remain. But no love, all that made this place a home has long been gone, it's possible there was never any love in the first place.
Once a thriving place of industry for the town, bringing the city folk out into the sticks to build their ivory towers higher. But after the recent events less and less folk would venture to this neck of the woods. Gradually the quarry's production ground ground to a halt. The whirs of the machines fell silent. The crashing of metal against rock could only be left ringing in the old workers who used to work there. Now it served nothing, nor no one. When people still used to live in the area kids would tell stories of horrible and wicked beasts that hunted in the quarry's now flooded excavations.
A tired and run down corn farm, this old farmstead would sustain the local people with just enough for the family to run into the bigger town markets to sell off any surplus. But once those rains came and flood after flood, the family that used to run it gradually began leaving town if they could. The daughter moved upstate and went to university in Baltimore, the two boys both died in some battle in the name of some old man who never even stepped foot off of his veranda. The father died of drinking too much and the mother, the mother just faded away into the nothingness of it all.
This old lumber mill is what birthed the town, originally established to help with the construction of the railroads in the 20's it in an instance seemingly created an oasis for folk looking to start a new. Although, sometimes those who look to start a new can often be looking to forget the past. A once bustling place for work and a statement of industrial America the mill, now rotting, gradually falls into the annuls of history much like the rest of this God-forsaken place.


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