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The Book of Healing

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A single act of desecration unleashes a twisted darkness upon the continent. Now tasked with undoing this great destruction, an unlikely group of adventurers are sent forward to heal the lands and their people's spirits.   High upon Mount Oubliek, Tobias lives a tranquil life with his master Grimshaw, the fairy Kelfkia, and the donkey Benny. Each day he plays with the beasts and spirits, unaffected by the the outside world. Then . . .   Within the valley of Rockslide Village, Oliver Basilstoke is constantly geting into mischief with the other local children. Little do they realize that their life on the frontier represents a constant struggle of the local guilds and their foreign investors against the various indigenous populations. What will be the result of the adult's greed and anger?   A curse is a terrible thing. It wracks the soul itself, revealing our deepest primal selves to the world. Thus afflicted, one lashes out, and in doing so, hurts those most loved.   A coming of age tale of devastation and healing.

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