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From the mighty peak of Khazar-Dom, to the vast plains of the Borghani Steppe, to the frozen halls of the Zhaolv Thul, there are few things in the world that cannot be found on the continent of Munuth.
— from The Continent of Munuth: A Primer, by Talemorus Frondus Bag


The geography of the continent of Munuth is diverse. The most iconic feature is the mighty peak of Khazar-Dom, the tallest mountain in the world and the heart of a long dead god. Khazar-Dom is surrounded by the Oblkhaz mountain range, home of the stone giants known as a Caiyu. The Oblkhaz range is, in turn, surrounded by the Khazadan Foothills.   To the south of the Khazar-Dom, are the Thurvin Forest, the Yarmani River Valley, and the Myh Dokhar Riverlands, a region filled with hills and complex networks of rivers. To their west is the Khalesine Waste, a region long since reduced to ash. South of the Waste, across the Haunted Straits, is the island of Lo Dokh, once the urban heart of a mighty empire, now a fungal and foetid nightmare, thick with monsters and maladies.   North of the Waste, and west of the Khazar-Dom, is the Nimean Desert. Formerly the Nimean River Valley, one of the most fertile regions in the world, but the land was undone and the River Nim unmade by the squabbling of the men who fought over it.   North of the Nimean Desert and the Khazar-Dom are the thickly wooded lowlands of the Stormlands. Of particular note are the Stormwood—a nigh-impenetrable forest thick with arcane power—and the Drowned Peaks—a range of mountains artificially raised from the sea that spill onto the land.   East of the Stormlands and the Khazar-Dom is the Borghani Steppe, a vast region of grass and brush broken only by the Borghani Highlands at their center, the meager Rayani Woodland in the far south, and the Lograv Swamp far to the northeast.   Far to the north, across the Nukaru Isthmus from the Borghani Steppe, and across the Aestyvine Sea from the Stormlands, is the frigid Godeaten Lands, divided in two by the range of the Devourer's Spine.
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