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Mallat, the Heart Unceasing

The Heart Unceasing, Blood Ocean, Skin-of-Moments, The Mother of Waves, Deep-Horrors, Author of the Tide

And when Mallat—that Blood Ocean, that Skin-of-Moments—came to understand the scheme, the creation of the World, it saw opportunity and challenge. Thus was its folly.
— from The World-Weary, as told in the Borregan Lothok
A moment of time is not perceived directly, and can only be known by motion through time. Motions descends from the first rhythm, the Tide. The Heart Unceasing beats out the Tide, making time, into eternity, making eternity.
— from the Quom Vot, the first section of the Dovan Quor
So too did those which contributed towards realizing the Architect's design leave their flesh in the world. After the Architect, the most readily apparent is that of the Author of the Tide, which is now the waters of the vast sea, of the blood, and a portion of the air.
— from The Body Divine, by Alkeptoros

Divine Domains

Rhythm, Time, Motion, the Ocean, Trade, Sailing, Waves

Holy Books & Codes

As the most common interpretation of Mallat is as the Heart Unceasing, a view propagated first by the Empire of the Sea, and later by its successor the Dokhar League, most worship of Mallat throughout the world is either grounded in, or influenced by, the Dovan Quor, the holy book of the Dokhar people.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The physical form Mallat took before the creation of the world is known only to the World-Weary, inasmuch as they know anything, and to Velir. Myth and legend form fragments of an image—vast channels of near-water flowing in rings, immense width and girth, a single, great, beating heart.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the Void of Dawn, there were Four: Kogrun, Mallat, Pennak, and Vassar. Kogrun devised the idea of creating the world, and was able to convince Mallat, as well as Pennak, to aid in the venture. Whereas Vassar was opposed to turning itself towards a restricted venture, and Pennak was interested in the exultation of its own self, Mallat saw an opportunity for fulfillment in expressing creativity within strict constraints.   As nothing else existed, the three who endeavored to create what would become the world used themselves as the construction materials. Before all else, Mallat endeavored to build from its flesh the mechanism by which different answers of the restrictions implicit to the creation of the world could be expressed, which mortals have come to know as time. But of course, time did not exist, then, as nothing did but those Four. Meaning Mallat needed to devise a way to create time. The answer Mallat found was an unceasing rhythm which flow from Mallat's heart to and through all things as the foundation of all motion. The medium which Mallat created for this rhythm is called water, and especially the ocean, and the rhythm is called the Tide.   Ultimately, the strain of creation proved too much for Mallat. The process had spread its flesh thinly over the world as liquid, and thus gravely rent, all that remained of Mallat was the Tide.

Personality Characteristics


Mallat's nature is rhythmic, being repetitious and fluid. It was driven by this to impose rhythm upon the world which Kogrun devised.

Divine Classification

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