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Battle of the Stars

Thrice the Warrior struck out against the Enthroned Shadow with the fullness of the Devourer's stolen might. The first carved a canyon into the earth. The second skimmed off the skin of the sun. The third struck true.
— from The Living Throne as told in the Wisdoms Triune
[...]but the Metalflesh was unmoved. The dream vapors lashed out, and struck the air into salt and the ground into wind and the waves into fire, but the Metalflesh was unmoved. For he had written into the bones of the world that he was immutable and unchanging, and so even the Lord of the Dreaming could not warp him. The enthroned Shadow was thus left helpless against the Warrior's wrath.
— from The Living Throne as told in the Tome of Iron
The Living Throne was struck, and the wound was fatal. It sang out its deatgh in an echoing rattle that carried its blood to the vaulting heavens, where it still hangs as the stars. The godmind rocketed out of the body, and rattled around the unnatural horror of the world.   The treacherous Velir roused Kogrun's decrepit voice, and sung the godmind about the Aetherial Axis, drawing it out long and thin and taut and tight. It was released, and there lay the seed of Dreaming in the soil of spirit.   And so the Heavenly Throne lies Empty.
— from The Living Throne, as told in the Boregon Lothok

The Conflict


The last of the primordial gods, called Vassar, desired control of the world its kin had sacrificed themselves to create. Thusly, Vassar came to mortals, destitute and without hope, and whispered promises of splendor and liberation in their sleeping ears. All across the world, they readied themselves.   When the time came, Vassar chose a mortal to be his vessel, whose body would be the god's Living Throne. Once this was done, the resulting unity was called the Enthroned Shadow.   The Enthroned Shadow led a campaign of subversion and conquest across the material world, overthrowing empires and kingdoms wherever its forces went. Some of the Powers of the world, Greater and Lesser, turned to join it. Others did not.   Change was Vassar's nature, especially in defiance of imposed authority. As such, the Enthroned Shadow was able to turn its enemies' strength into weakness, and best them at every turn. The last remnants of organized resistance had gathered about an artifact of Creation utilized by Vassar's peer Kogrun. And they set a trap.


The control the Enthroned Shadow had over much of the world, in dominions where natural law was flaunted, evaporated. The order of Natural Law was restored. The Shadow's forces were routed, leaderless, and scattered.


While the primacy of Natural Law was restored, much of the destruction caused by the Enthroned Shadow could not be undone. The considerable loss of life would take generations to be reversed, and the toppled political regimes could not be remade, only replaced. The Dokhar League, the Summerland Empire of Nimea, the Godeaters' Legacy, and the Heavenly Empire of Kantirin all owe their ascensions to the power vaccuum left by the War of Shadow's conclusion.   The manner of the battles end, the dispersal of Vassar throughout the Aetherial Spaces, resulted in their transformation into the motley dominions of the Dreaming. Consequently, mortals began to dream, and developed myriad magics related to dreams, and Vassar's various substances.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The Enthroned Shadow and its forces are given their only, absolute defeat.


Followers of the Throne
Material Coalition

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