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Anladom Rung

There is perhaps no more indulgent a ship ever constructed than the anladom rung. A derivative of the standard Dokhar trade ship, the ladorm, the anladom ru exists to transport wealthy or important persons—its name literally meaning "ferry/vehicle of leader(s)." The planks of the ships hull are overlaid one another, and held together by rivets. On the surface of thee ship, of course, is its single mast, which holds up its sail—triangular. Immediately below that surface is the oar deck, where the ship's oar crew carries out their monotonous task. Beneath the oar deck is the store deck, or just the store, where the ship's supplies are kept, and where the free crew sleep. Behind it all is the cabin, a three-level portion of the ship which houses it chief occupant, with the bottom level set aside for the Andokh Renar employed on the ship. The cabin is luxurious, containing as many of the pleasures of wealth as can fit, and which can safely be held on a ship.
— from Ships of the Line, by Andoloros Quondrus


An anladom rung has to methods of propulsion: sail and oar. The sail is large and triangular, extending across most of the ship, with rigging consisting of ropes made from colony gossamer. The ship has fourteen oars, which further propel it forward. Very often, the oar crew of a anladom ru consists primarily or exclusively of slaves.

Armor and defense

The anladom rung's chief defense is its capacity to escape from danger; egaging both sails and oars results in very high speeds, especially when the oarsmen are bound up in a tidal rhythm of of of the andokh renar. If forced to engage, however, the anladom rung is relatively helpless; though its crew may very well fight, the design of the ship is not well suited for defense. For this reason, it is usually accompanied by an escort.

6-9 meters
21-27 meters
~10 meters
Complement / Crew
10-14 Oar, 8-12 Sail

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