Lily Sap (Li-Lee Sap)


    Growing around oasis' and hot springs in the vast desert island known as The Sun's Sea is a large tree with disc shapes leaves growing from the top, creating a soothing shade over the water it grows next to. From this tree, with a knife or sap tap, a lime green thick liquid can be harvested. Once exposed to open air, the drink quickly heats up and releases green steam and a sweet aroma. Since it only grows next to bodies of fresh water in the desert, it isn't the most common plant anywhere other than The Sun's Sea. So while the residents in the few villages or the one castle town drink it regularly, anyone living outside the island would have to get it imported.


    The drink itself is incredibly thirst quenching, making it a sight for sore eyes to unprepared wanderers and lost travelers. Not only that, it's also an energizer, reinvigorating the fatigued and tired. For these reasons the drink is often offered to dehydrated and starved guests from the residents of The Dunes, as the energy boost helps them recover from the many things they'll be suffering from. The drink also has a spiritual use, For the couple desert dwelling tribes that call The Sun's Sea their home. The drink is used to bathe soon-to-be chieftains and warchiefs, said to give them the vigor and spirit they need for their journey as a leader. The steam that releases during the ritual said to grant them clarity of mind and protection from evil spirits and curses. However, due to Lily Sap's natural heating whence exposed to air, only the strong can handle bathing in it.
The energy boost and vigor replenishing properties of this famed drink is taken full advantage of by the military forces of Onyx. Sand Seers, (Commanders of the Onyx Kingdom) often rewarded their Sandstone Warriors with banquets featuring Lily Sap as the primary drink of choice, heavily boosting morale and fighting spirit.  
Lily Sap is one of the most expensive drinks due to it's very specific growing conditions. And is even more expensive in the colder regions as it is stored and saved in airtight containers to prepare for the colder seasons. The self heating nature of the drink makes it vital for anyone who works outdoors in the frozen north, and it's energy boost allows them to wade through the snow longer without fatigue.
The drink almost became a cause for controversy for the Onyx Kingdom. Due to how often it was imported by "Outsider" kingdoms, it nearly became massively farmed by the higher ranking Onyx political figures. However the plants don't just grow beside any body of water, and have to grow specifically next to naturally occurring hot springs and oasis'. Which meant to be massively farmed, the Onyx political government would have to claim ownership to many publicly accessible Lily Trees. This would no doubt cause civil unrest.
Fortunately the queen of the Onyx Kingdom and general of the Onyxian military, who had been on an away mission to deal with a dangerous bandit clan, came back just in time to stop the politicians from passing the law after being informed about it during a meeting. The meeting happened six days after she returned, and one day before the law would be passed. The queen, infuriated by the sneaking rodents, warned them exactly what would happen if the law passed.     "They will protest, our military will not stop them. They will riot, and I expect my soldiers would join them. They will rise, and rise fast. And when they call for your heads, I will deliver."


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