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Themba Ndlovu-Sana

Themba Ndlovu-Sana

Themba is the luckiest man in the world but wasn't born lucky. He was born a year before a Jokai killed both his parents. They were municipal workers in a time where things were at their toughest.

Life was a struggle throughout, from within the orphanage and across The Jongiwe Tree.

He was a talented tree climber and eventually a burglar. He fed the orphanage with his many exploits.

Always wearing a mask and covering up his misdeeds. He was incredibly good at it, learning from the older kids the potential pitfalls of being a thief. He avoided extreme valuables. Cased out a location as secretly as he would if he was stealing. And always focus on food few people could cause a fuss over stollen bread, but he eventually moved onto spices, which got people's attention, forcing him to lay low. But that wouldn't stop his family from starving so he joined with another who was a part of a gang for a big score.

They broke into one of the houses to one of the lesser families, The Ndlovu-Sana house where they were caught.

Themba hid in a girl's room for a week while the gang was hunted down and imprisoned.

That girl being Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana.

Despite the situation, they became fast friends, teaching each other.

He got safety, food and reading lessons, she learned about power, families, the real situation in the world, also how to steal, climb, how to think beyond parameters, beyond her understanding.
It created a curiosity he didn't know she had.

She was good but also diligent in tying all of his wisdom, absorbing it with a gusto that took him by surprise. What he had to think was suddenly important. He wanted to keep it up and took on more reading than her.

But first, he'd have to go back home eventually and so he did, taking her with and all the food and supplies both could carry.

It was initially a massive success but went wrong when remnants of the gang destroyed the orphanage nearly killing them and raping her. He confessed her lineage it was enough to keep them from killing him and molesting her.

They held her ransom with him as the negotiator, an act which caused an uproar unlike any he'd ever seen. He was immediately beaten, tortured but gave little more than the promise that this way would get her back safe. He took the money given and ran, hiding, scared for his life and most importantly, hers.

He could never her. The plan went ahead, him stealing the money hiding it with a plan for when he met the gang.

Thankfully, they hadn't hurt her, yet. But upon seeing the money, they tried to kill them both when orphans set a fire, alerting the army of, bannermen and retainers, the gang never made it far.

Nozipho stole the money, keeping it hidden before pleading for Themba's freedom.

They didn't let him go, instead, he spent time in prison while the money she stole kept him looked after and his people protected. He continued to learn where he could, getting books he wrote the stories of those in prison, going over their lives. How they weren't wrong, how they could have changed and could've been different. Each person had a lesson to teach, a lesson that could fill the void. It wasn't for fame, prisoners had no fame nor honor.

What they had was someone to listen to, when he was let out. Nozipho was waiting, proposal in hand.

Just like that, they were engaged.

It was scandalous and he wasn't cool with her potentially losing her birthright for him. but she was adamant, clear-headed and focused on the vision of them together, going to war with her mother.

By then Themba was on a mission as a learned author, using what he'd written to try to improve his community.

He went into the community as a cook, capable of feeding many. The money was stolen, going a long way to help. Nozipho helped, providing homes and skill.

By the time of their first child, they'd uplifted over a hundred people with dozens of retainers who vowed allegiance to her and they were earning money and with that they were to be married, willing o start a clan tuner his name when the Ndlovu-Sana matriarch conceded and she, along with him enjoyed a grand wedding which changed the shape of Sedibeng culture and raised the fortunes of the Ndlovu-Sana House.


Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Themba Ndlovu-Sana

Themba Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana

Year of Birth
270 UA 84 Years old


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