The Wagon's Wheel

This is the single longest road in the whole Black Thorne Continent. This road Travels around the whole continent and then through it again. The whole road leading to the school at some point.   Mapped out cross the Continent the Wagons wheel looks like an actual Wagons wheel. A full circle showing the path around the coats of each nation representing the wheel's run and the break off traveling in through to the school where the match with other roads that had travelled in.   The Wagons wheel is one of the most common used roads in the Continent.   The road are also the most protected with sentries watching at various points throughout the Continent.

Purpose / Function

If the fastest way from one point to another is a straight line then the Wagon's Wheel is that straight line as it draws that perfect straight line.   The road's main purpose is mass industrial transportation, allowing people to build and grew extremely quickly.


The wagons wheel grew naturally but automatically through trade but was made official as an act of friendship between the four nations. They began in their own cities and as an act of friendship built roads to each other. And so new roads were formed and others connected. Each and every road enlarged in order to make them stand out and make them unique.   And then finally there was second accord, one with which led the roads to the central neutral point that would connect them to Vusi-Ntaba, the school of magic as all should be able to be allowed into the school.


The architecture is quite varied as the road is rarely ever the same size. But despite they varying sizes the one thing that remains the same is that the wagons wheel is absolutely massive, generally the widest of roads amongst the general roads within.   They are composed of different elements, ranging from crushed rock from over trampled down to massive stone that has been built into the roads to ensure easy travel.


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