The Sterena Yetsimbi



  The second-largest in general muscle mass, but have a unique muscle-bone make up that allows them to be able to possess more physical resistance and strength than even the Khetshe Yetsimbi.

  Like all Ufele, they posses a metal-like skin with extreme muscle absorption that allows them to not only avoid piercing damage but also the highest impact damage over other sub-races of the Ufeleyetsimbi.


Muscle potential

They, among the Ufele, have some of the greatest potential in muscle growth. With the right muscle exercise, amazing discipline and a powerhouse diets can be physically larger and more imposing that the Khetshe Yetsimbi and the Ilosi Yetsimbi

Like the Ilosi, they have a strong proclivity towards the liver, but it's far smaller, leaning more towards intestines or 'tripe'. The health benefits are extremely high for the nobility and great hunters have turned it around, becoming a treat where the least and most expensive spices are used to make them delicacies.

Because of this, it has had a cultural impact where badly cooked triped can be considered an insult, a sign of disrespect, dishonoured and disorder on the one who cooked, or cleaned it.


The mental characteristics of the Sterena, best matches that of the Chui with the second highest memory retention. They're able to log and consume data faster than humans.

They're a culture that prides itself in its ability to effectively use their memories to grow and build their environments with research and knowledge.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Any Sterenea crossing over a hundred is consideed a great achievement, to the point, the lives of those will be documented. A great amount of wealth can and will go to those who live past 100.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
The average life span of the Sterena starts at 80, which can be considered young, the expected age being 90, with those who average 95 being good and any Sterena crossing over 100 are considered great achievers.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their skin on average is lighter with ash grey skin, being the main skin type, dark shades considered greater with some cultures putting in methods to deliberately darken and de-ash their skin.

This being the main skin types, they do consider the skin type more regall but around other Ufele who naturally have darker skin of deeper shades, such as navy blue and deep violet, these tend to have an ash texture. It's uncommon for any Sterena to be without it.


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