The Other Hands Doctrine

There is a simple rule of law. Follow the law, or "other hands" will lead.


This is the other hands doctrine.
Territories have the right to rule as they want with the exception of key rules. Many territories may resent these rules. But, if they were to break into open rebellion against them and their country then...

  Something must be done.  

Murder is something that is considered as something of too great a consequence. As it might inspire rebellion and destruction from within. Every country, due to its massive size is a difficult to contain, so the slightest crack is something which must not be ignored.


And so a nation's leader, if they consider it to be in their best interest, will either support their opponent or apply other means of social pressure to change the leader. Sometimes going as far as committing regicide.
Deposing them, rarely ever directly as that could and has led to greater rebellion.


The purpose is to maintain the reign of the four nations.

Historical Details


Every nation was born of war. Then, within those acts of war, came other acts of war, for centuries there was nothing but death, slowly getting more and more organised and efficient.   Upon the victories of human nations, quelling rebellion, the "Other hands doctrine" was first discussed.   It was first born of intellectual debate within human schools and then put into action by the Taung Head Sage before being secretly used by Enduku.

Public Reaction

This is a public relations nightmare. Which is why only half of the countries have accepted this doctrine. The two being Enduku and Taung.   Every kingdom has to pay fealty and the very notion that a royal line could be destroyed simply at the whim. This is, of course, taken to be absolutely ridiculous. As far as every nation knows, no nation has had this happen to them.


The legacy is that of a mixed bag. The positive is that it has kept every nation in line. but it has slowly built up a line of resentment within each individual nation.
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