The Firemoon

The Fire-moon is a bi-monthly event that lasts a single day.   The Black Thorne posses two moons. A normal sized white moon and a second moon, which is called the fire moon.   The fire moon is actually a huge asteroid which has been impossibly caught by the pull of the planet and spins around the Thorne, effecting all.   Manner in which the world is effected:  
  • That which is touched by the fire moon is hit at first with an orange glow. Then dropped to a red glow. Then later at night it is a red neon purple glow before it eventually fades.
  • The tides are effected in such a large manner that tidal waves are formed in different locations with some only causes a high level increase. Whereas others cause a chaos that destroys all. With some societies, most especially in Boko-no-ni-Mopha, where the black Air Raider culture has created raising cities.


The event shows itself when the world grows dark but not black, painting the world in an orange and red glow which surrounds the Black Thorne.


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