Races and Overlapping Biological Traits

Glowing Eyes


  Glowing eyes are a physical ability to absorb light, during the day and then forwards reflect it, very much like a torch.  

Forward Glowing


Underwater Breathing


  These are creature types that will have a dual respiratory system. That means both gills and lungs. These are not always the same with others being able to breath deeper underwater than others.  

Dual Breathing

  • The Ngonyama Yemansi



  These are creatures who have a little extra in the anatomy game. The being a tail.    



  • Ikunzi

Cold Resistance


  All creatures adapt and some races have adapted to best accommodate their survival.  

Heat Resistance

  For every area of extreme cold, there are areas built of some of the most extreme heat. So hot the ground below your feat could burn you alive.  



  Few Races have evolved the special ability to fly.  



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