Popular Sports In Black Thorne CATCH (Plus System)


  This is surprisingly one of the most popular events in all of The Black Thorne.  


The point of the game is to make your opponent drop or lose control of the catch Ball.  

The Game

The game is simple, using magic, launch a magical item or ball from one person to another until one person drops it. IE, using earth manipulation to make a spike rise out and knock the ball to another player.  

  There are different ways to play catch.   There's single element Catch. Where only one elemental art is allowed to move the ball around. IE. Fire.  

  There's knock out Catch. In this Catch who ever loses control of the ball or gets knocked out loses. The remaining players pick up the ball and carry one until there's only one winner.   3) There's Idabi Catch. This Catch is much like knock out Catch but in this game, the first person to drop the ball or loose control of its loose. Many people use this method as a method of drawing straws.   Then finally there's sudden death Catch. This is just like Idabi Catch but in this game a player isn't trying to hit the other player with the ball, a player is trying to hit the other player with the ball, which is normally made of metal, marble or even molten lava. The losing player always gets seriously hurt and occasionally die.  

The Rules

  There are two rules systems. First is the stat rules.   The stats you use to block ball coming to you have to be matched then you have to strike back with your own stats and those have to be matched. If a player doesn't have enough stats to counter has to drop the ball and lose.   The second way is the non magic tagging technique.   Each Player has X amount of tagging points at the beginning and with each shot you throw back you lose a tag point. When your X amount of tag points end, you lose. This way of playing needs more than two people for it to be played successfully.   No other rules just outwit and out play. Simple as that.


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