Nkomfa Games Liela's trail Chapter 1

Part 1

"You better kiss your sister good bye," said without looking up from the drawer.
"Which one?" Leila mumbled.
"Both of them."

  It wasn't a statement of fact, it was a threat. There would be consequences if she did less than her best to make both girls happy. As annoying as it was, what had her attention were the line of robes on her bed. Her bags lay empty next to them while her mother, 'contemplated'
Candle light didn't help.  
"I should have stayed with the Mandela family." she grumbled.  
"You planning on having me killed Leila? Because it'll be over my dead body that I let it happen. Want to declare to the world that your wings aren't strong enough?"  
"I'll be the most tired one there."  
"No you wont. The only way that happens is..." She stopped and finally pulled up a dark blue robe and gave it to her. "is... if you are not fit. Are you unfit Leila?"  
"No," She said, puffing up her chest. "Then stop complaining. Fly hard, fly fast and keep your wings maintained. You'll be fine when you get there."   Leila was smart enough to say nothing, instead picking up the rob she'd just been passed. She was bare bodied save for the thick layer of honey wax. She paused realizing that she had never seen this one before.  
"Mom, what is this?"  
"It's a gift from me and your father, I thought for a second that you wouldn't notice."  
"By the goddess, is this cotton?"  
"I'm not sure. It's some fabric your father picked up, it's so hard to keep track of this stuff."
  Leila jumped for joy, her mother catching her joy from the corner of her eye and smirking.

Part 2

  Busi lay on her stomach, her arm spilling off the edge of the bed. Leila tucked the girl's arm in and wrapped her up her eyes opened.  
"Hey girl." Leila whispered.  
"I just wanted to say good bye."
  Busi immediately sat up, the sleep gone from her eyes. On the other side a figure rolled off the bed, snorting and yanking off the blankets, landed in a pile of cloth. Leila smiled and held her sister.  
"Don't panic, I'll be back soon."  
"Zandi says it takes a very long time and everyone gets hurt there."  
"It won't feel like a long time.I promise. You gonna be hanging out with Zandi aren't you? So there you go. You'll even forget I'm not here."  
"I wont!"  
"Good, anyway, listen to your big sister. Listen well, because I'm not going to be here, I need you to do your best and look after your sister and mom, she's going to be needing your help now more than ever."  
"Promise me something first." Busi said, putting hands on her shoulders.  
"We're not making deals on you listening to mom."  
"Fine, what is it?"  
"It's simple. You have to come back with something. Something I can show off to her with."
Busi smiled despite the fact that Leila could see she wanted nothing more than to cry. It was obvious. So much so Leila had to wonder if this whole thing hadn't been a pre-planned speech. As if to acknowledge her words, a loud and drawn out snore erupted from the blankets before both girls burst out laughing and hugged each other.
"I don't have to tell you to be good. If you bad mom will beat the goodness into you."


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