Laws of Evolution

All creatures including humanoids have adapted at an incredibly high speed through natural selection.

Evolution is a natural process which run contentiously over the cause of millions of years.

The Black Thorne's evolution is unique as it can take a quick as tens of thousands of years and going as far as centuries, though those are based on unique events of mutative evolution. These events are called anomaly events.

DNA or 'blood links', and natural selection takes an extemely long time as mutations constantly need to be bolstered through natural selection, but literally every single person has a unique mutation within, allowing the 'linked blood' strands to be altered far faster and become successful faster than any other.

The changes in these blood links are under the deepest scrutiny by hundreds upon hundreds of researches as the effects of each potential change in the races impact the entire Black Thorne, humanoids evolve slower naturally but many creatures have far shorter reproduction cycles and will naturally adapt and evolve past a race's natural defenses and in many cases, a race's technology. Thus making each race harder to protect.

This is something that has caused other great impacts as changes within the races as prejudice can occur within different groups, some variations and humanoid variations can lead to unique blood links that are snuffed out by bigoted groups. The persecution is rampart and many researchers will stake their lives on the notion that these lives are valuable and the potential for change is too great to be ignored, then there are some who fear being replaced. But they are ignored, 'Embrace the New' is a theory.


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