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Black Air Raider Military Movements

Black Air Raiders rarely march for longer than two days in a row and never within a day's ride from their target.
Black Air Raider armies mainly move by sea using their huge navy. When they cross inland they ride carriages pulled by Three Horns. Each carriage holds twenty-five to fifty Black Air Raiders on top. The Heavens needle Army developed a heavy carriage seven times the weight of a standard carriage and it uncomfortably holds two hundred to five hundred Black Air Raiders. The shape and design of the carriage is to let it double as a battering ram or demolition tool.

Flight is rarely ever a means of transportation for Black Air Raiders as it's energy consuming, they can't fly far in their armour and there’s no judging the wind outside of the needle.



Large carriages, wooden structures, designed to offer maximum efficiency.

Black Air Raiders can be safe from difficult weather and quickly break into battle formation to engage.

It’s quite slow-moving, but continuous since the trihorns do not stay tired.


All infantry is taught how to commit to manoeuvring, whether it be getting on and getting off, training drills on attacks. Action around the carriage is not taken lightly.


Logistical Support

The carriages require a three horns, which are one of the few creature types that can move steadily over a long period and in small numbers.


The core upkeep needed are the Three horns which are grown in the Earth needle and moved to the main roads where they travel the Wagon's Wheel It's rare they use anything other than the main roads as their vehicles are so large.


This was a formation plan created by the people of the Earth Needle when there was a call to war by the leader of Edudweni. It proved incredibly effective and all tribes payed for the right to be able to use them and have them.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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