A Munch

Is a man or woman at the head of a municipality.

Munch = Mun-icipality + Ch-eif

Becoming A Munch

A Munch is elected, but will be nominated by nobility before the people get to vote on them.
This can be the other way around in some territories with the Munch being nominated by the people and elected by the people.

Public Relations

Not all Munches are the same, but the one thing they have in common. They're the face of a municipality.
They’re generally not accountable to any individual. The only time a munch is judged is when they're failing in their duty. If they’re doing well, nobility can rarely touch them, they have the people’s support.
  An unseen munch is, generally, considered to be a lazy munch, making public relations a must. It is common for a Munch to be at a public event, putting their best foot forward so they and their municipality gets the absolute most support, as every one, royalty, nobility, business and the common people will have a say in how easy or hard their lives will be.

Civic, Professional
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