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The Warlords of Kush Saga

Before the first God Killer Rah, there was a bloody era where humanity was ruled by ancient gods. This is a portal to that time in which Five Warlords battled for control of Kush. This is a bloody and brutal time of conflict and strife. This scroll will provide loremasters the tools and the powers to script into life the tales form this lost era. You must choose one of five characters (Anthos, Sorkatti, Fenyang, Masika, Minkabh) and explore these character’s stories. Their journey is in your hands. Only the most epic of tales will survive the sand’s wearing time.
  The information found here is meant to provide writers with guidance, inspiration, and a ruleset to help you tell fantastic stories of honor, betrayal, love, and war in ancient Kemet. This is your opportunity to be a part of expanding the Black Sands universe one page at a time. On this page you will find briefings on the Five Warlords you will choose from to center your stories around.
  The world section will flush out information on the lands of Kush, Kerma, and Kemet to set the stage for the drama and conflict you inject. Lastly the Armory shares the weapons of the time and whose hands are best to put them in.
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