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The Kushite Empire old


It is an era of economic stagnation and extreme poverty. The Warlords rule with brutal force, providing for the people only where they see fit. Overpopulation endures in some parts of the nation and is scarce in others. The rich black sands around the Nile make for fertile soil and those who control the production of food have powerful resources that gold pales in comparison to. This power quells rebellion and keeps the people in check.

Demography and Population

There are 300,000 Kushites living in the region, with 50,0000 Kemite immigrants. Most of the immigrants are in Kerma.


Each warlord has its own military but Kushites in general are known for their exceptional spear and bow infantry. They also can field rare camel cavalry that terrify traditional cavalry in battle.


Sorkatti’s cult worships the ancients and continues to grow in popularity amongst the people due to the cult's access to food and fresh water. Most warlords do not interfere with them since they trade openly with whoever accepts their teachings, but the Medjai of the desert absolutely despise them and feel there is a deeper plot they are planning.

Agriculture & Industry

The city of Kerma is the capital of the The Kingdom of Kush. The land is fertile with cattle and crops. The production of cotton, millet, and sorghum make Kush a wealthy culture. The Kush have iron made weapons and are known to make trade with other cultures like the Greeks.   Food of the Time
  • The poor and peasant cast are privy to a diet of dry bread, fish, beans, and onions. Fresh water is a luxury and lukewarm watery beer suffices to quench thirst.
  • The rich dine on meat, vegetables, fruit, honey cake and fine wines. Something as simple as fruit is an extreme luxury during this time.

Trade & Transport

Gold and weapons is the exports of the nation.


  • Ancient Kush
    The old kingdom.
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Economic System
Barter system
Gold is the only universal currency
Legislative Body
Ruled by Warlords
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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