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The Fist of Napata is an extremely old yet formidable warlord. One of the most established rulers. He has ruled over Napata for 40 years. He is a man of tradition and leads an incredible army of cavalry and foot soldiers. The people of his city fear and admire him for he has very strict rules governing his land. The slightest mistakes can cause permanent injury or death to the offending party but unlike most warlords, he shows no favoritism.   This is why his people tolerate his strict rule. Minkabh is considered to be the true king of Kush by the people and historians of the era. But Minkabh believes the other warlords will destroy themselves and it is best to wait them out. He focuses most of his time training his son to be his successor. His son is only 22, even though Minkabh is 54 years old. He had 4 older brothers but they all died at very young ages.   His son is highly ambitious but respects his father enough to not act on them. Who will be the biggest influence though over the other in the coming years of war?   Possible Narrative Questions to Answer
  • What would Minkabh do if anything was to happen to his heir?
  • Minkabh hopes the other Warlords will destroy one another, but how will Minkabh respond to war coming to his city sooner than later?
  • Minkabh cares for tradition, but in this ruthless era can his ways of tradition survive?

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

He has a camel he prefers to travel on and fight with.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Alignment - Lawful Neutral
Current Status
Preparing his son to rule.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Fist of Napata
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark brown
210 lbs
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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