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Conqueror of Kerma

The conqueror of Kerma. He rules an elite military unit known as the thousand spears. Kerma is easily the most developed city in Kush and has been ruled by different factions over the last century. Fenyang took control 15 years ago as he led a bloody campaign across the lands, destroying all supply routes to the city and starving out the people.   Now he rules but is blinded by his power. He has dozens of wives and spends most of his days in bliss but ignores the needs of the many people living in the city. His soldiers also feel he is squandering his chance of uniting the nation. Luckily for him, his son Garai is a capable and honorable chief. The thousand spears will not rebel so long as he is in command.   The issue is how long can Garai do this before he has to make the hard choice of staying loyal to his father, or taking power for himself to save his clan?   Possible Narrative Questions to Answer
  • Are there rebel factions growing amongst Fenyang’s people?
  • Can Fenyang’s rule of Kerma hold long enough for his son to gain command of the Thousand Spears
  • Does Fenyang ever see the error in his ways or will he take his faults to the grave?

Physical Description

Body Features

Short and heavy set. He used to be a fierce warrior but his time in power has made him overweight. He is still a deadly warrior though, just not as formidable as his past suggests.

Specialized Equipment

A special spear with a gold plated staff.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Alignment - Chaotic Evil

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Main Attributes - Brute forced, Intimidation
Current Status
Living a life of bliss in Kerma Palace
Current Location
170 lbs
Aligned Organization


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